Our Fabrics  are 100% cotton . They come from Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and other parts of Africa. They are available in fat quarters , half yard cuts, one yard cuts, and yardage.




12 Responses to “FABRICS”

  1. Hi. I met you at Sew Expo in Denver in February, 2010. I would like more of a red with metallic gold fabric. Will you be in Denver this fall? Or can I order this fabric on-line? What is the minimum order? What is the next time you will be in Denver? Thanks so much.

  2. Hi. I met you at Sew Expo in Denver in February, 2010. I purchased a red fabric with gold metallic print overlay. I would like more. What is the minimum order if you ship? When will you be in Denver next? Thanks so much.

  3. Hi Mary Ogwell,

    My instructor met you at the LA county fair. She is looking for some african music and was wondering if you had any or had heard from your contact regarding any afican music that my instructor Maria can purchase from you. Please let us know if you have any african music or know of someone we can contact to purchase music from.

    Thank you


  4. Hello

    I met Michael at the Philadelphia show last month. I’m interested in wholesale information for my shop. I’m in the Washington DC area and have spoken to you at the Chantilly show. You can get in touch with me at, The Fabric Peddler – 704 Ritchie Road, Capitol Heights, MD 20743; (301) 336-3646.

  5. Hy, I like your design. Well done and nice blog. Sincerely Stoffe Shop

  6. I was at your booth at the ewing expo in Duluth, GA this weekend. I bought a piece of indio-dyed fabric and wanted to know more about it. Your son said it was from Mail. Is it a type of mudcloth?

    • Yes, it is a Handwoven, Hand Dyed Fabric. They use fruit dyes that gives the indigo color. it is mostly a traditional handmade fabric in Mali.

  7. You raise a lot of questions in our heads; good post: FABRICS Maendeleo African Imports 🙂

  8. Kente fabric #IMG00329 20100412-A548: WHAT IS THE COST PER YARD? DO YOU HAVE 70YDS?

  9. I would like to see panel’s. Small ones of Zebra and giraffes, How can I find them. You were out at the Henderson NV show.

    • Nancy, We will post on the website once our new batiks arrive from Kenya. We are currently sold out of our batiks.

      Michael Ogwel

  10. All wax prints on African fabric are looking fabulous. I simple love the collection.

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