Our Batiks  are hand dyed, hand painted in Kenya and Tanzania. They depicts  the safari animals and Tribal People. They come in very bright colors . They are used for wall hanging, quilting, or hand bag making. Most of them are non washable and dry clean only.


Girrafe Batiks


Tree Batik

Quilted Batik

Quilted Batik

Batiks Village

People Batiks

Batik Elephants

Elephants Batik


4 Responses to “BATIKS”

  1. I bought 12 of these batik pieces at the World Quilt Show in Manchester NH (2008) for your offered wholesale price. How can I order some more – perhaps 24 pieces? I just love them!

    • thank you carole, I will send you an email. please feel free to communicate with me on what you need.

  2. Welcome to Facebook. I posted some of the pics of my coat I made with your panels, fabrics and a Rachel Clark pattern. Hope to see you again soon…I’ll be starting another coat soon and will be browsing your panels of course!!

  3. I would also like to purchase a few people panels if you do retail if not Carole Haltemon could you please contact me regarding the purchase of a few panels.. thanks

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