Maendeleo Imports Specializes in selling African Fabrics, Baskets, Arts & Crafts.. We travel Throughout the year to different cities and states. Check our website to see if we’re in a city near you or purchase some of our products online.

All our hand made items are made by the women in various villages in  Africa. Our goal is to help as many women as  possible to get out of poverty.This enables them to educate their daughters, buy food and medicine. Maendeleo owner travels to East Africa more often and trains the women  on how to start small businesses .

By purchasing any 0f the baskets, hand dyed fabrics and batiks  , you are helping us help the women  of Africa to step forward to get out of poverty.

-Mary Ogwel


15 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. Greetings from Rev.Peter Ndamba,i will be very happy to hear from you,waiting with all joy.

    May the Lord bless you all.
    In his grace

  2. Please e-mail me I bought two basket yester day at the Pomona Fair for $35.00. I would like to order one more.

  3. Hi, I met you in October at the Pacific International quilt Festival. You callem me in February of this year stating you received a new basket shipment and we made arrangements for you to ship me two baskets. I have not received the baskets yet and I was hoping you could contact me with the tracking number or maybe you research the shipment. I have been charged on my credit card as of 2/13/11. I contacted the credit card company trying to find your phone number and through the internet, I found your website. I hope you can help me with my baskets, as I am looking forward to receiving them. Please contact ASAP.
    thank you,
    (916) 685-7390

    • Hi, I just received my baskets. Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how pleased I am with them. They are better than I remember.
      Thanks again.

  4. What are the prices on your fabrics ? How do I place an order with you ???

    • Our website is currently under construction. You can call in an order of whichever fabric catches your eye and our contact number is 253-653-0494.

    • Hello, Our Fabrics start at $9/yard and $2.50/Fat Quarters $4.50 for Half Yards.. Right now you can let us know which fabric you want or i can send you some pictures on the email and we’ll start an order then.

  5. hi Mike and Mary! just thought i’d visit your site and let you know that i blogged about you today (i also posted on your FB wall but it looks like you don’t visit there very often)… check it out: http://lagahandbags.com/blog/2011/03/day-three-osqe-cleveland/ – it was great meeting you and i look forward to seeing you next week in Chicago!

    • It was a pleasure being neighbors with you Louise! I checked out the link from your blog and we do appreciate you mentioning us and what we represent!! Can’t wait to see you again this week in Chicago.

      Michael and Mary

  6. Thank you for your donation of African fat quarters to our recent HGVT Circle of Friends retreat in Charlotte, NC. They were lovely fabrics and greatly appreciated. Thank you…Lois

  7. I would like to thank you for your generous donation of Fat Quarters to the 2011 HGTV Circle of Friends Quilt Retreat in North Carolina. As you may know, the group is a small sampling of members to an internet message board. Most came to the boards to share ideas, techniques and show projects completed. But the friendships that are made result in much more than socializing.

    As a new member to this group, I continue to be amazed at the generosity and support these ladies show not only to each other but to the wide variety of groups. The charities are numerous and range from personal assistance for a member in need, to large organization such as Quilts of Valor, Ronald McDonald House, Muscular Dystrophy Association as well as local, national and international relief efforts.

    Again, thank you for your generous gift to our retreat which will undoubtedly strengthen this group that continues to support our communities.

    Woodstock, IL

  8. To see the story with photos of the 5th annual Circle Of Friends Quilting Retreat that you donated a door prize for please visit this link… Thank you again for your generosity!


    • Thank you very much.. i saw your website. i’m still learning to use the computers but i’m glad the ladies were able to make something wonderful with our products

  9. I am interested in your merchandise. What are your prices?

  10. Do you have a store? What is your address? I would like to send you some customers. Thank you! Judith, http://www.africanclothes22.com.

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